Inspiration and results require opening doors to new perspective. The experienced pros offering courses below will help you clean house of those false perceptions and give you reliable industry information to get real results in your writing career.

Our Guest Appearances

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of these conferences may be online through the 2020 spring and summer seasons. We’ll update this page and give you updates on our social media channels and in our newsletter. Stay posted!

Listed below are the dates we will be offering classes or coaching at these conferences and retreats. Don’t miss them!


Superstars Writing Seminar

February 9-12, 2022 at the Antlers Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO

Life, The Universe, and Everything (LTUE)

February 11-13, 2021 Online


May 13-15, 2021 at the Utah Valley Convention Center, 220 West Center Street,  Provo, UT


November 12-14, 2020 Online

Colorado Gold Conference

September 11-13, 2020 at the Denver Renaissance Stapleton Hotel, 3801 Quebec St., Denver, CO [Pending]

FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention

September 17-19, 2020, Salt Palace Convention Center, Downtown Salt Lake City


September 24-26 Online

UVU Writer’s Academy

October 9-November 6, 2020 Online

Kanab Writer’s Conference

November 4-6, 2021 in Kanab, UT

Special Event Conferences

These special event conferences are ones we attended in the past and may be attending again in the future. Check back here for updated information!


The Calliope Writing Coach course is ongoing and has special events. We will let you know when we’re attending again!

Writing for Impact with industry experts Bridget Cook-Burch and Angela Eschler help you craft your story, pitch, and online presence to attract the attention and success your work deserves.

March 26, 2016, SLCC, Sandy, UT


Feeling overwhelmed or unsure about your book project?
Boost your confidence with our free author tools.
Boost your confidence with our free author tools.
Feeling overwhelmed or unsure about your book project?