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Path To Writing And Publishing

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Writing your book or screenplay is an amazing adventure. First the words or ideas comes to you, then you develop characters, plots and sub-plots, and finally you weave it all together into a finished draft.
But then what?
We’re expert guides who will help you successfully complete your writing journey.


While you’re writing, you’ll want to sharpen your plot and trim away any excess with our writing and story development services.
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Writing a book requires a steady stream of inspiration and up-to-date information. We’ve got our pulse on the industry and will connect you with resources and opportunities that can help launch your writing career!


Once your book is written, professional editing makes it stand out from the crowd so it will resonate with your readers, attract agents and publishers, and garner positive reviews.




Publishing your book yourself is an involved process with a steep learning curve. We can help you navigate it with a la carte options and coaching.


When you want professional,
no-hassle publication and a way to get your book in the hands that need it, use our full publishing services.


If you choose to pursue traditional publishers, we’ll help you (and your book) look professional, find the right agent, and correctly position your book in the market.


Use our industry connections to promote your published book through
organic and paid PR campaigns.


Storytelling is your life’s passion, so whether your book needs a little labor
or a lot of love, we’ll smooth the path to publishing so you can make your impact.

I had the great privilege of working with the [E. Team] on a short story reprint that had already been edited and published twice before they received it. . . . From a minor yet powerful tweak to the opening to a careful bit of prose smoothening, and from suggestions on making the action clearer and delivering a harder punch to adjustments to subtle nuances in a character’s words and gestures that [brought alive] their humanity and fragility. . . . the story was more polished and powerful than it has ever been.

When you hand them a diamond in the rough, they truly know how to work with an author to refine and polish it down to the gem it should be.

Mark Leslie LefebvreAuthor, Professional Speaker, Author Coach & Director of Business Development at Draft to Digital

Story Development

Writing a book requires a lot more than talent. Feedback on your plot, voice, point of view, character development, and pacing also play key roles in helping you progress from brilliant idea (through draft after draft) to your published work. We offer everything from developmental editing to final proofreading.


We support three publication paths:

  1. Publish directly through our in-house press—E&E Books.
  2. Self-publish on your own.
  3. Publish traditionally, which typically requires submitting your work to an agent.

Our expert guidance through this maze of options will help you make informed decisions that will magnify your book launch.

Feeling overwhelmed or unsure about your book project?
Boost your confidence with our free author tools.
Boost your confidence with our free author tools.
Feeling overwhelmed or unsure about your book project?