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We’ll use our deep understanding of the industry to get your book into the hands of more readers.

We support 3 ways of publishing your book:

1) Full publishing support through our in-house team
2) DIY self-publishing
3) Traditional publishing with an agent

In-House Publishing with E&E Books

If getting your book done right is your number-one priority, E&E Books is the publishing partner for you! In as little as 2–6 months (a fraction of the time traditional publishers take), our in-house production team can take your book from manuscript to masterpiece, covering all your print and ebook publishing needs. We handle all the unknowns and transform your finished work into a published:

  • Ebook
  • Paperback
  • Hardcover
  • Audiobook

And the best part? Once we get you set up, you keep all the profit and all the control.

Print and Ebook Services

For print and ebooks, your dedicated project manager will coordinate with your production team to:

  • Create your book’s interior and cover.
  • Provide galley proofreading.
  • Assign your book the required ISBN and bar code.
  • Help you determine the best cover price for your book so you can control how much profit you make on each copy sold.
  • Set up your masterpiece for on-demand printing.
  • Get your book live on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers so people can buy it!
  • Input your title in the worldwide “Books In Print” database, making it visible to retailers, libraries, and online services.
  • And more—including promotion!

Pricing for publishing services:
$2,000–$14,000 (depending on the package; a la carte options are available)
Contact us for a customized pricing sheet, including promotion options.

The colleagues at Eschler Editing are the best! Talented, professional, knowledgeable. The Masterpiece Mindset would not be where it is today without them. We could not recommend them more highly!

Dave and Annabella HagenAuthors, Professional Speakers, & Founders of Mindset Family Therapy

DIY Self-Publishing

Self-publishing your book is an involved process with a steep learning curve. We can help you with some production and prep work. Contact us for a project quote on à la carte services.

Pricing for self-publishing services:
These services range widely depending on your needs. Contact us for a quote.

Traditional Publishing/Agent Pitching


If you choose a traditional route to publishing, our agents/editors* can help get your book in shape, prep your query and pitch, assist in finding agents to represent your work, and correctly position your book in the market.


Help Finding Your Agent

Our agents/editors will use their industry savvy to help you properly position your book in the market, make a list of top agents that fit your genre and goals, and obtain all the information you need on what, when, and how to submit to each.


Help Writing or Editing Your Query Letter

Your query letter is often the first impression of your writing. It can hook a publisher or agent and make them believe in your writing, your story, and you.


Help Writing or Editing Your Pitch, Synopsis, or Proposal

Grab the attention of busy agents or publishers the first time around with the kind of pitch, synopsis, and proposal publishing professionals are looking for.


Pricing for agent-support services:
$189–$799 (proposals may be more, depending on the work needed)

Contact us for a customized pricing sheet.


The fine print: Please note that should you hire our agents as editors/coaches, you will not be able to submit to them as prospective agents representing your work. You are, however, welcome to query other agents at their respective agencies.

Content Feedback 2

If you want to be published … my advice … is to get Angela Eschler and her talented team on your side…. I was accepted by my publisher of choice within one year of working with Angela’s team. Many thanks!

Darryl HarrisAuthor

Book-Promotion and Media-Pitching Services

Help Promoting Your Published Book

Get people talking about your book through organic and paid-promotion campaigns. We’ve got connections throughout the industry and can help you make a splash worthy of your book.

Pricing for promotion services:
These services range widely depending on your needs. Contact us for a quote.

Content Feedback 2


The marketing is going great—opening many doors and promotional opportunities!

Art Coombs, Author, International Speaker, CEO Kombea


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Boost your confidence with our free author tools.
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