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The Pocket Editor!

With twenty-plus years of experience in the publishing industry, we have a few answers and tricks of the trade up our sleeves. And we’re now offering individualized support to returning clients.

When you (or your budget) need only a few pages edited or brief cover feedback—or you just have a quick question—we’re on hand. As if we’re right there in your pocket, our senior editors can help with the following in a timely manner and for a discounted returning-client price.

Here’s what the program offers:

  • Accurate, up-to-date, specific-to-your-project answers to your industry, writing, or publishing questions
  • Brainstorming! Solve story problems, develop great hooks, and solidify your next great idea!
  • Customized tips, resources, and connections to advance your career
  • Brief consults on platform or marketing questions*
  • Quick feedback on your cover, back copy, or query
  • A second glance at revisions to make sure you hit the mark
  • Proofreading or quick feedback on short projects, chapters/scenes, kids’ books, queries, synopses, websites, etc.
  • Getting a handle on branding and platform development so you can strategically approach your career!*
  • And, yes, even those grammar and usage debates—resolved once and for all!
portrait of Matt Payne

[In prepping my book for publishing], I have greatly benefited from EE’s on-call editing and marketing resources. The ten-minute conversation here, the short email there, and the brainstorming sessions along the way gave me the confidence and support I needed to move ahead when I ran into story problems or other roadblocks with my book. It’s been invaluable!

Matt PayneAuthor

How Does It Work?

How do you get access to a personal editor—and save money doing it? While our editorial services normally start at $195 no matter the size of the job, our new program allows for you to get quick feedback and solve smaller—but important!—problems for less.

Option 1: A retainer up front, where your editor works off the time you’ve prepaid at a discounted rate of $49 per hour.

  • This retainer amount doesn’t expire (minimum $100), so it’s great for just having us available for the one-off need or question or for when you know you’re going to be completing/revising a project and will want consulting on anything from craft to querying to platform development.*

Option 2: A monthly subscription (for a set number of minutes/hours available a month) or make small payments over time leading up to a scheduled edit. Easy peasy! Starting at just $35 a month!


  • This is a good choice if you don’t have much of a writing budget set aside yet, have a few really quick questions here and there each month, or want to get on the schedule (for some help with motivation!) but don’t need editorial work right away.
portrait of Christian Bolen

I’ve gone from a wandering, nervous newbie to wondering no more. EE is my go-to, instant support team. After eight years, I trust them implicitly. And who doesn’t need someone you respect to cheer you on when you succeed? My friends may not understand how big my writing accomplishments are, but Angela and her team definitely do!

Christian Bolen, Best-Selling Author (rchristianbohlen.com)

“But, wait—there’s more!”

Seriously, though, this is pretty great: You get access to more than a single editor. If you have a question they can’t answer, you’ve got the vast and varied expertise of the entire editorial and publishing team—agents, developmental editors, copyeditors, genre specialists, designers, illustrators, cover and back-copy experts, industry gurus, etc.

So get unstuck already and move forward with clarity!


Contact us to be matched with your pocket editor today!

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*Most basic/quick marketing questions can be answered under these programs. However, in-depth marketing questions that require hours of consulting, research, extreme familiarity with your project, and/or the personal knowledge of our marketing director may fall outside this service and need to be billed as separate consultations with the marketing director. We will let you know which category your marketing questions fall into and do our best to address what we can under the limitations of this program.

Feeling overwhelmed or unsure about your book project?
Boost your confidence with our free author tools.
Boost your confidence with our free author tools.
Feeling overwhelmed or unsure about your book project?