Concept image of the six most common questionsWhat do I do to get published?

Why is my manuscript being rejected?

Should I self-publish or look for an agent?

Can I trust my work to someone else without losing my voice?


You need answers—the right answers for you.  And that’s why we opened shop.

Whether you’re chasing the dream of an agent or looking to self-publish, the publishing revolution has expanded writers’ opportunities by ten-fold. But there’s a catch: that means the floodgates have opened and it’s harder than ever to hook readers and keep their attention.

Unsurprisingly, many publishing services have popped up since the birth of the eBook, making the sea of options downright overwhelming. And most “helpers” simply steer authors onto the publishing road and wish them luck as they try to be heard above the roar of a million other voices.

Personally, we’re not satisfied with the love ’em and leave ’em  approach. We’ve been in the publishing industry since before eBooks existed, and as professionals behind the scenes of publishers’ smart editorial, cover, and marketing decisions, we  know there’s a lot more you  need to know in order to achieve your writing dreams.

What We’re About

When we worked only in traditional publishing, the worst part of our day was sending form rejection letters; editors are slammed with work and simply not allowed to coach authors who could have made the cut with a little help. Like then, many authors struggle today because they just need some insider perspective.

Since we’re unshackled from those industry policies today, we can give it to you straight. And that means we’re going to. We don’t want you blindly offering your “baby” to the world so a mean-spirited reviewer can take first stab, we won’t let you slap an unmarketable cover on your book after all your hard work writing it, and we aren’t happy to charge you for a “quick proofread” or agent-finding help when your book really needs developmental work (lest the agent stop reading at your first page).

In short, we’re not interested in wasting your time and money delivering cheap services that actually move you further away from publishing success.

We are, however, the right team for you if you want to go pro.

Whether that means leaving a meaningful legacy for your family or seeing your book on the shelves, you’ll get a customized editing and publishing plan with long-term support. We walk our authors through the process of becoming the best writers they can be (or supporting their busy schedules with ghostwriting), understanding the market they’re about to step into, and approaching either traditional or self-publishing like seasoned professionals. And we’ve got serious promotion help lined up for each book’s debut.

So no matter if you want to self-pub or get an agent, we’ll help you learn to stand out, be discovered, and make a bigger impact. Why? Because filling the world with powerful books is vital. Writers are important; they’ve changed history, they’ve changed our  lives, and we want to ensure they keep changing the world one reader at a time. That’s our story.

Now, let’s make sure your  story is heard.


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About Founder and Editor in Chief, Angela Eschler:

About + Contact 1

Angela Eschler, founder of the award-winning Eschler Editing and manager of the boutique publisher Scrivener Books, is a mommypreneur, mentor, book devourer, and closeted fan of the family tradition—eating peanut butter on her cereal (seriously, try it!).

She has more than twenty years of experience in the publishing industry, including nearly a decade working in-house at traditional publishers. She now works as a freelance editor and industry coach for authors, editors, publishers, and other organizations and has edited over a thousand manuscripts from diverse genres.

A published author herself, Angela’s work has been featured on television, radio, and in documentary film.

At her core, Angela is a die-hard word nerd and lover of stories and soulful ideas of all sorts. She lives to support the writing community as they share hard-won wisdom, explore the landscapes of imagination, and rewrite the world for their readers.


About the Team:

The E. Team is comprised of highly skilled writers, editors, designers and publishing and promotion professionals that hail from diverse segments of the publishing industry. They’ve amassed advanced degrees in literature or writing, been published, received distinguished awards, and worked additionally in related industry fields as librarians, reporters, or writing professors. Most importantly, as vetted genre experts, they know what it takes to make it in publishing.

They’ve got you covered.

Real Connection: Book Marketing, Part 1 2In 2015 I entered an intense competition to win the Kindle Scout publishing contract (the foremost ebook publisher in the world with access to massive Amazon promotion). I had a good story overall, but knew something was still missing, and I wanted to create a best seller. So I worked with Eschler Editing through the intense process of fine-tuning my first hundred pages. The help they provided was priceless. I worked to implement their advice, and my novel’s beginning finally showcased the treasure of the story withinand then I won the publishing contract! I know impressing the editors at Kindle Scout was worth every investment. Thanks Eschler Editing!

Rachelle Christiansen  | Award-winning Author

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Boost your confidence with our free author tools.
Boost your confidence with our free author tools.
Feeling overwhelmed or unsure about your book project?