Maybe it’s still an idea. Maybe you’ve written a few pages or an entire chapter. Wherever you begin your journey, Eschler Editing is here to guide your steps and help you rise to the challenge of finishing your story. The world is waiting for what you have to share.

We’re industry professionals who know what it takes—the time, the energy, the discarded drafts—to pursue your writing passion. We also know it’s worth every frustrating moment, and we’re here to help.


Your Idea

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Story development

Get coached on your writing and watch your story materialize line by line. When you’re ready, we’ll pair you with an editor who’s an expert in your genre.


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Events / Resources

Writing a book requires a steady stream of inspiration and up-to-date information. We’ve got our pulse on the industry and will connect you with resources and opportunities that can help launch your writing career!


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If you have a compelling story to tell but don’t want to spend years writing it, our ghostwriters are experts at crafting a book in your voice so your message can finally get out there.
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While you’re in the process of drafting your book, stay on track with in-depth reviews of your manuscript’s strengths, weaknesses, and current marketability; page-by-page edits; or final copyediting (when you’re done!). Ensure your work grabs readers, keeps their interest throughout, and nails it with a satisfying wrap-up.
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Publishing your book yourself is an involved process with a steep learning curve. We can help you navigate it with à la carte options and coaching.

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When you want professional,
no-hassle publication and a way to get your book in the hands that need it, use our full publishing services:

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If you choose to pursue traditional publishers, we’ll help you (and your book) look professional, find the right agent, and correctly position your book in the market.


Use our industry connections to promote your published book through
organic and paid PR campaigns.


Support your inner muse with professional guidance through the labyrinth that is book writing.



Leta Greene Author and Speaker

I just finished reading [the last draft]. . . . I feel so emotional and so grateful. You are [helping me] pull off the seemingly impossible. The way you helped tie in different sections from other parts of my story—that still work with the flow—is genius. I really love the last chapters. They say the truth—the hard, beautiful truth—but still engender faith and hope and a happy ever after. . . . You have used your gift with words and your understanding heart. . . . and the result is amazing! Thank you for everything!

Misti StevensonAuthor and Speaker

[By chance I was] on campus just to take a class for school. The Eschler Editing booth caught my eye, and the rest is history.

From the first time I worked with [my editor] she was . . . simply amazing. She gave me insightful comments on my stories and . . . a lot of great things to work on. Probably the biggest thing she gave me was belief in my stories and hope in myself. I never planned to have my stories published, but now it’s an exciting possibility I constantly think about.

Thank you, EE, for all you do behind the scenes. I am very excited and optimistic about what the future holds.

Paul GoodrichAspiring Author

Leta Greene Author and Speaker

Story Development Course

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Coaching & Editing

We’ve seen hundreds of books through to completion. Whether you’re stuck on the first page or the last, we can help get you past the gap, steer clear of beginner mistakes, and do your best work. We offer everything from concept coaching to developmental editing to final proofreading.


We support three publication paths:

  1. Publish directly through our in-house press—E&E Books.
  2. Self-publish on your own.
  3. Publish traditionally, which typically requires submitting your work to an agent.

Our expert guidance through this maze of options will help you make informed decisions that will magnify your book launch.

Free Downloadable Resources

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